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Winter Skin Care Tips

Its ultimate truth that weather changes affects your skin to a great extent. The dead cold days of Winter bring dryness to your face, hands and feet. Some people are affected more than normal so we are going to guide you through winter skin care tips to overcome dryness and harmful impacts on skin. Our tips for skin care in winter will not only smoothed, envoy and glow your skin but also gives you a younger feeling and eliminate signs of ageing, if any.

Winter Skin Care Tips

Top Winter Skin Care Tips

  • When you go outside in winter, don’t ignore the harshness of cold and dry weather. So, apply sunscreen on your face before going outside. Put on gloves on hands is not a bad idea when you go outside your home. It will protect your most sensitive parts from direct sun rays and dryness. Wear a scarf to protect your hair and neck from cold weather rather leaving your hair alone will only make it susceptible to damage.
  • Taking too much shower definitely impacts your skin’s outer layer and even can damage it. Hot shower bath for a long time can irritate your skin when the weather is cold.
  • Wash your skin with good quality moisturizer and use skin cleansing lotion on your face and hands before going to bed.
  • Adjust your skin care and hair care according to weather changes. As your skin becomes drier and flaky in cold conditions, use moisturizer that is a bit heavier than the one you use in the summer. Same with your hair as your hair become dry, brittle and weak during winter weather conditions, use high quality shampoo to combat it.

Skin Care Tips in Winter

  • Lip is an integral beauty part of your body that requires lot a attention and care in winter. To avoid you lips becoming splitting, dry or chapped, apply lip balm that is well moisturized and make it a habit to repeat the same unless it becomes your routine.
  • Add well balanced diet to your daily meal plan and stay hydrated. Eat diet that is full of vitamins and nutrients for healthy and beautiful skin in winter. Whereas eating an unbalanced diet will add vows to your skin and hair.

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