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How to Whiten Your Skin Fast

There are many natural remedies to whiten your skin fast without having any side effects than purchasing costly cosmetics. A healthy and dynamic lifestyle is important to get white skin naturally. Vitamin A and C rich fruits, green vegetables and nutrients rich foods are good for healthy, glowing and white skin.

how to whiten skin

How to Whiten your Skin fast

Application of Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is said to be natural skin lightener. It can be applied to skin after mixing it with equal water solution and after 10 minutes wash it off with lukewarm water. Acid in lemon bleaches the skin gently and exfoliate the top darker layer. You can apply the solution twice or thrice a week.

Honey Yogurt Mixture

To lighten the skin tone, a mixture of honey and yogurt can be applied on your skin. Anti-bacterial agents of honey and skin whitening enzymes of yogurt do wonders and nourish your skin naturally. If honey is not available, avocado can also be used for good results.

Citrus Peels

Vitamin C fruits like lemon and orange citrus peels or extracts are natural skin whitening agents. We all know that Vitamin C plays an important role in whitening and glowing of skin. Lemon or orange juice can be used in good quantity for better results.

Green Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are important and energy foods that possess power which is not only good for your skin but also facilitate overall body. Spinach and other green vegetables are effective in giving healthy diet and brighten the skin. It is packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are good for body.

Other Fruits

Carrots are rich in Vitamin C. It clears blood which in turn beautifies the skin. Papaya, strawberries and Kiwi are other vital fruits that contain Vitamin C for whitening of your skin naturally and for flawless beauty.

Herbal green tea is also essential drink for clear, lighten and brighten skin.

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