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Wedding Makeup Tips For Brides

Wedding day is the most treasured day in any girl’s life. After choosing the right Bridal dress, hairstyle and jewellery, most important task for bride is to select and wear appropriate makeup that will look perfect with her dress and match her skin tone evenly. We can say that bridal makeup is an integral part of wedding to be attractive. There are lot of factors that need to be addressed while choosing and wearing bridal makeup. Bridal can either choose from natural beauty makeup or can wear glamour makeup. You need to look what shade dress you are wearing on your wedding day. For light color or dark color dress, you have to wear your makeup accordingly.

Wedding Makeup Tips for Brides

Wedding Makeup tips for Brides

  1. Make sure you have clean and clear skin before starting with your makeup. Almost a month before wedding started practicing natural remedies for clean and clear skin. Drink lot of water to stay hydrated and toxins free skin tone. Do not go out in sun to avoid sunburn and skin shedding.
  2. Choose branded makeup kit for your bridal makeup. Non-branded and cheap kits might be harmful for your skin.
  3. To add more charm and boldness, bridal can wear eye lenses according to the shade of dress she wears.
  4. You can use smoky eye makeup in shades like blue, green, gold, pink, purple etc. While doing eye makeup, use your eyeliner carefully as it may affect your overall look.
  5. Choose your lipstick wisely that match with your wedding outfit. For light color wedding dress like pink, try to use lipstick shades in pink, peach or orange. While applying lipstick, make sure not to put lipstick on your teeth.
  6. If you have acne or scars that just appears on your face, use appropriate foundation base that can easily mix with your facial skin tone. We advise you to select foundation with neutral tones, however, you can choose from light, dark or neutral foundation for your skin type.
  7. Always keep your lipstick and mascara with you in your clutch to timely enhance individual features of your face.

Wedding Makeup Tips for Brides

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