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Top Winter Wearable Fashion Trends 2016-17

Fashion shows and designer dresses are absolutely not always applicable to your daily life dressing and styling but that doesn’t mean you cannot have some inspiration or cannot style yourself. Of course you can. 2016 is almost over and all we have in our closets in older year’s stuff so we need something new and fresh for this coming 2017. Well you don’t have to buy all new expensive stuff because you can wear something old in all new ways to look more elegant and classy than before. All it needs to have a little styling sense and knowledge.

Winter is considered as one of the most stylish and best season of the year, where you can wear your favourite clothes, and hottest looking makeup without getting sweaty and smudgy. We have got your back by spotting hottest winter trends for this year, including furry to leather and ski jackets, extra-long sleeved sweaters, baggy shirts or what else. Have a look:

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Winter Wearable Fashion Trends

These stylish looking ski jackets made their way from slopes to runway in literally no time. And they look as stylish and elegant on men as they look on women. They are warm inside and cooler outside. The best thing about them is, you don’t have to buy all expensive braded ski jackets but they are easy available in local brand shops and can styled as you want. Style these stylish jackets with slacks or skin fitted denims, wear some heels along with light makeup and rock on.

I am an avid Patagonia fan so I am so excited to announce that these puffer coats and jacket are finally so cool and amazing. Puffer coats are not just high-tech insulation or down feathers but their styles vary from season to season. And this year’s winter contains any of the style you want to carry. From flashy to feathery, everything looks so cool and trendy. For chic look along with cozy feels, wear some LBD along with it and enjoy the latest trend.

When it’s winters, people usually pack their summer stuff because they consider them useless but what if they can also be used this winter? O yes, you heard it right. Instead of keeping your summer dresses away, layer them up with a knit neckline and there you have it the most stylish chic look of the season.


Keep your heels and standards high. So for this winter boots are going to satisfy this saying. Go for some cheetah printed, or plain or some other floral printed boots with high heels and spice your fashion desire. Though if you are going somewhere in slushy streets than patent leather version of the boots would be highly recommended for you, so you would be able to handle clumping.

Patent trench coast are ideal for odd winters. (By odd winters I mean, too hot for a wool coat and too cold for a jacket days). They offer you deliciously warm sensation without making you feel cold along with style and class. Pair them up with denims or laggings with pumps or heels. All up-to you.


I was thinking the concept of leggings is gone forever but Phoebe Philo literally shocked me with this that leggings are not gone, they are still in trend. Wear these stretchy pants beneath the skirts and dresses for cozy and warmer feel and classy look. You can also wear leggings beneath the slightly long Tees along with joggers to give a stylish tom-boy look in hot so cold regular days.

Designer Monse brought the trend of fur and faux stallers back to the fashion. And I’m so glad that someone did this. Circle them around your neck or drape in diagonal form or as you want because they look equally classy in all ways.

Last year was the year for camel coat and almost every individual was obsessed over them. They were awesome as they look incredibly good with any kind of denim. Leggings, for evening wears or you just can wear those at any point, they always appear classy. And I’m still in love with them. But this year is a season of Navy coats, a perfect match for neutral-outerwear. These gold-buttoned, long, and classy coats are so versatile with a little of drama with them but they still look fab.

The fashion of hats is never old or gone. Either you are going on a picnic or with friends of whatever hats or caps with different styles look so classy. Though, I personally love them wearing wile I go to college. This is one of the most beautiful and trendy looking accessory a women can wear in super cold days, along with a fury or feathery or woollen coat, some jacket, denim or anything. They just look perfectly classy with everything.


Baggy shirts are any girl’s favorite dress-code ad. When they are combined with some essentials, they turn out to be gracefully classy. Like wearing some skin-fitted jeans, converse/joggers, and some wrist-bands would be nice idea for a tom-boy looking girl.

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