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5 Style Tips to Look Taller

No need to curse yourself of being short height. We give wings to your reachable dream of appearing stylish, tall and beautiful at the same time. Your right dressing sense and appearance give life to your style. Here are some useful 5 style tips to look taller than you are now actually. If height is a problem area for vertically challenged men and women, don’t worry. It’s not only fun but you can also find it as joy of happiness and pride.

Tips To Look Taller

Style Tips to Look Taller


Importance of appropriate hairstyle is equal for men and women. Women should keep their hair shorter in length. Shoulder height hairstyle is good in looking taller than you actually are. However, if you like having long hair than put your hair up some inches above your head to add couple of inches. For men, side trimmed hairstyle is in fashion these days. It gives extra volume to the top, this way overall height look reasonable. You can opt for gel for spikey style like Zac Efron.

Wear Your Tops Wisely

Wear your tops wisely as they can rather leave you looking shorter than you actually are or can leave you look taller. Don’t cover your zipper, when you tuck in your shirt to ensure giving illusion height your own.

High Waist Bottoms

High Waist bottoms can do wonders if you are short height person. If you are wearing pants, skirts, pajamas or shorts it aim at magnifying your legs look longer. Stick with balance looking skirts and pants so that your legs look balanced in it. High waist bottoms are also in fashion now a days. So it is helpful and stylish to appear that way. For jeans, don’t wear shorter lengths, rather go for fuller lengths for better result. We recommend styling your attire with high waist bottoms. These are flare style and are fashionably in.

Wear Vertical Lines Prints

Vertical shirts, prints and zippers draw the lines up and down. It causes the eyes to take in more height than usual. If you wear horizontal lining shirts or zippers than eyes take in more width and less height which in turn causes to look smaller. Avoid baggy clothes for taller looking appearance. Baggy clothes make you appear wider and shorter than you actually are.


Wear high heels. It will make you look taller and center of attraction. Opt for skinny heels aimed at slender vertical appearance. Ankle strap sandals and high heels are perfect options for taller looking figure.

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