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Celebrities Matching Makeup and Dress

celebs matching makeup and dress

Monochromatic looks among girls is the new following trend that is growing large with time passing by. Celebrities matching makeup and dress in one color is quite famous these days. Matching eyebrows, lipstick, foundation and outfit is a step ahead of today’s fashion. You can follow either versatile Katy Perry or opted for all red Scarlett Johansson. These celebrities’ monochromatic …

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Top Most Popular Female Singers in 2014

Katy Perry

When voice of a good singer blended with sound of music instrument, the human ears feels intense pleasure and sweetness. Every listener has their own distinctive choice and taste from POP, Jazz, Classical or Rock music. Every year, some singers disappear and some emerges as top singers based on their popularity. We have carefully concluded the Top Most Popular Female …

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