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Stylish Nail Art Designs 2015

Nail Art Designs are one particular art on nails that is rapidly growing. Stylish nail art designs are very famous among fashionable girls. When applied according to the sense of your dressing and appearance, it looks stunning on your nails. We have some amazing nail designs to show you. The worth of applying cute nail arts is prominent by the feature that most celebrities love to wear it. Famous singers like Rihanna and Katty Perry, Victoria Secret Model Miranda Kerr and actress Rachel McAdams fancy to wear stylish nail arts. Today, we are not only showing you diversified nail art gallery but we will also teach you how to apply different categories of art designs for nails to help you out.

Cute girls love to wear these stylish nail arts in the parties, events and weddings. We will give you simple and effective nail art ideas to try. Lovely Nail Arts like polka dot nail art designs, floral nail arts, multi-colored, glitter and animated nail art designs are famous among young girls. The latest versions of these designs are in fashion now a days. Multi- tonal dyed designs look stunning to your fingertips and are artistic. See stylish Nail Art Designs 2015.

Stylish Nail Art Designs for Girls

How to apply Nail Arts

It is very simple to apply any nail art design to your nails and tips. The most effective way to apply nail art is to prepare your nails first. You have to remove your nail polish, if any before getting started. Then you should have to trim your nails and shape your nails in a way they seem neat. Make sure there is more space to work with your selected nail art. Before applying nail art, don’t forget to apply base coat to your nails to protect them from damaging.

If you are beginner then it is better to apply simple nail art first. You can try two colors, one on to the tip of your nail and the other at the bottom. After that, allow the design to dry out completely. You can check here How to apply Nail Art Designs in a short time.

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