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Processed Red Meat increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and deaths

In view of the recent research conducted, consuming processed meat such as bacons, sausages, hot dogs and other type of meat can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The high amount of saturated fats, salts and preservatives are linked to such diseases. Researchers claim that, even a small amount of such meat can deteriorate health.

The question here comes that whether the unprocessed red meat has the same effects on health such as poultry and fish?

Why Not Processed Red Meat?

The study conducted revealed that the intake of the processed meat lead to cardiovascular diseases as compared to the unprocessed red meat. The increased risk lead to almost 3 to 7% of the deaths. The death rate for unprocessed meat was also higher but in comparison to the processed meat it was less.

Why Not Processed Red Meat

The study conducted has several limitations and further research is still being carried out. The data was self-reported and the methods of food preparation varied over time among different participants. Apart from that, the dietary habits may also have changed with the passage of time among the people.

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