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Now wear Monsoon Friendly Wardrobe

Now the rainy season cannot dampen your outing plans. Wear Monsoon friendly wardrobe during monsoon showers while traveling to a hilly station or some other place, it will additionally make you look more adorable as well.

After bearing the sweltering heat of summer, Monsoon brings respite is the long awaited showers of yearly monsoon.

You can waterproof your clothes by choosing transparent or printed raincoats for vibrant look. Always carry vibrant & artistic umbrella in your bag whenever you step out of the door. As for shoes, say temporary goodbye to leather during monsoon. Instead, stock up your shoe wardrobe with beige sandals, Jelly shoes, T-string plastic or rubber flats hues. These types of trendy shoes are all that you need to uplift your style.

Season Friendly Wardrobe

While in monsoon, wear darker colour trousers / denim which are trendy and comfortable. Light coloured trousers are prone to get wet and dirty in the mud. It’s advisable to pick light fabrics that dry up quickly or are water-resistant such as chiffon and nylon.

For bags too, avoid leather bags for the monsoon season. Rather use PVC Bags, waterproof totes and basket bags with floral appliques add to the drama in the otherwise dull monsoon mood. The Totes are a smart choice as not only are they monsoon friendly but also style friendly with variety of colour range.

Keep it cheap during rains. Plastic jewellery pieces, waterproof wrist watches with bright coloured rubber straps, and beady necklaces should comprise your monsoon jewellery box. Also, don’t forget to keep a pair of stylish sunglasses in your bag before you step out.

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