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Medical Technology – Female Role In Gender Selection

Gender discrimination is a fact which can never be eliminated from the social structure. Some countries are more biased towards the male gender like India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. But most of the European are more biased towards the female gender. Some families have more females while some have only males in their families. Everyone wants to know the reason behind the phenomena. But we are still not capable to enclose the certain secrets of nature. Medical technology is very much advanced to tell us closely female role in gender selection.

Medical Technology Female Role in gender selection

Medical Technology – Female Role In Gender Selection

With the more exploration in the medical field and the latest technologies made it possible for the parents to select the gender of their offspring. There is only one approved medical technique pre implantation genetic diagnosis with which you can intervene in the conception regarding gender to balance your family. Another treatment is called sperm sorting but its results are 92 % accurate for girls and 82 % for the boys.

But these technologies are illegal in the certain countries like United Kingdom. Parents are only allowed to select the gender of the offspring with some medical issues. Genetic disorders like haemophilia or cystic fibrosis is the condition in which the parents qualify for the sex selection technique Pre implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and sperm sorting.

What is PGD?

It’s an in vitro fertilisation technique. In this method the embryos are created from the female eggs and her partner’s sperm. When they are screened the desired gender embryos are implanted in the uterus of the female by the specialist. Although it sounds simple but its implementation is not that easy and it requires the lots of money and high technology.

What is Sperm Sorting?

In this technique the male sperms are treated with the fluorescent dyes. These dyes help the specialist to sort the male and female sperms on the basis of colours. Only the desired gender sperms are implanted in the females to get the desired results.

There are also some cheaper and non-medical methods which you can try at home with your partner in your bed room but the reliability of these methods is questionable.

Timing Method

This method involves the timing of the sex. It is based on the idea that the male sperms are faster than the females but they live for the shorter period of time as compared to the female sperm. So according to this method if you want a boy you need to sex at the time of ovulation. As the male sperms are faster so they try to win the race over the female sperms. But if you are waiting for the girls then you need to sex after two to three day ovulation. This method is based on some ideas and theories so its results are also not sure.

Female Role in gender selection

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