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Louis Tomlinson finding it hard to get over his ex, friends are worried!

As the media speculates the break up of our favorite Louis Tomlinson and Danielle Campbell, we are getting more and more certain that it is in fact true. We also got exclusive news that Louis Tomlinson is drinking away the break up while his good wishers worry!

Louis Tomlinson’s friends are worried over his ex issues

Our sources tell us that Louis Tomlinson is not doing much good as he faces the break up. He had also recently gone through another rough patch of his life when he dealt with his mother’s death on 9th of December. She was long suffering from leukemia and the family kept it private until her death.

Louis Tomlinson Relationship
Image Source: Louis Tomlinson / Instagram

Louis Tomlinson was lucky enough to have such supporting girlfriend, Danielle Campbell who was there for him through it all. But, every good thing comes to an end, so did Tomlinson and Campbell.

On New Year’s Eve, Danielle was seen out and about with someone else instead of Louis. The media started speculating the break up. Now the sources tell us, his friends worry about his health as he started drinking more and more. They also think he has been smoking more than he ever did and all that is definitely not good for his health.

We all want to see Louis happy and healthy. Danielle probably wants the same as sources say they both ended on good terms and still talk to each other. We really hope Louis finds his inner peace in such troubled situation and his closest friends help him out. Drinking and smoking doesn’t seem like good option.

Let us know how you believe Louis should deal with this and how you feel about Louis idea about getting through a break up! I am sure the matter be solved in the best possible way.

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