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What Your Lipstick Shade Tells About You

Wearing lipstick on your lips is as much important as to wear your ensemble. It not only adds glamour by highlighting you lips but surprisingly it also tells about your hidden personality and brings your fashion appeal on surface. The right lipstick shade can make you even more gorgeous but application of wrong shade might result in complete disaster. We have an ultimate solution for you which will guide you to wear right shade for your skin tone.

Lipstick Shade

What Your Lipstick Shade Tells About You

  1. Red:

Like the name describes, the red shade immediately draws everyone’s attention onto your lips. Red lipstick shade depicts you not only as bold and brave but also stirs attention. If you loves to wear red shade to your lips, than you are passionate, self-confident and energetic.

Celebrity: Angelina Jolie

  1. Pink:

Younger females love this color. As a matter of this fact, pink shade is often known as girly. Pink wearers are generally innocent, sweet lovers and soft natured. We recommended pink lipstick shade for younger women who projected feelings of tenderness.

Celebrity: Emma Stone

  1. Nude Shade:

Those women who tend to wear nude shade are considered to be more sensible and accepting. They are viewed as warm, relaxed and easygoing. Those women who wear nude shade are far more confident about their natural looks.

Celebrity: Halle Berry

  1. Purple:

Purple shade wearers are powerful and confident. This color is more feminine and romantic. This shade is sexy to wear and it symbolizes strength and luxury however at the same time it shows mystical position.

Celebrity: Katy Perry

  1. Orange/Peach:

Orange shade shows the warmness that wearer possess. This shade represents women’s faithful warmth towards others. Orange / Peach shade appeals perfect so wear it if you want to have more fun.

Celebrity: Scarlett Johansson

 So, wear the shade which is more appropriate for you and as per your skin tone.

Stay pretty!

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