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Kim Kardashians Diamond Ring Courtesy Kanye West

Kim Kardashian, an American reality TV star. She got fame in 2007, when her sex tape with her former boyfriend was leaked. Later she along with her family appeared in E!’s television reality show ‘Keeping up with Kardashians’. But in recent years, Kim became the most influential and one of the most followed celebrity in Instagram. She also did a very bold and naked photoshoot for a magazine that too goes viral. For that, Kim received a notice over her extremely bold acts in public. In recent years, Kim’s personal life became most influential on social media and online forums. Recently, Kim Kardashians diamond ring is courtesy of  Kanye West.

Kim Kardashians Diamond Ring

Kim Kardashian Kayne West

Kim got married to Kanye West and changed her surname to Kim Kardashian West. I have heard this several times that the diamonds are the lady’s best-friend especially when it comes as her engagement ring. Because that’s the most important piece of jewellery that compliments her entire life and the love of her spouse for her. Before you head to the store to get your dazzling engagement ring, you must know your style and character to make sure the basics. Here I’m going to show you the most beautiful and dazzling diamond ring, wore by your favorite celebrity Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashians Diamond Ring
Jason Merritt/Getty

Kim Kardashian West appeared at the MTV music video awards for 2016, as the most glamorous reality TV show queen. The beauty queen wore black sexy mini dress with dazzling necklace stiletto sandals with subdued makeup.  Wet lose wavy hair catches much gaze too. And the most important thing that complimented her overall outlook was a giant, dazzling and sparkling diamond ring on her ring finger of left hand. This Polly-Pocket size, multi-carat sparkling ring looked fabulous on her hand. This emerald cut beauty increased the shine on Kim’s overall look.

According to people who have seen Kim wearing this ring, the stunner was gifted to the Kim by her husband Kanye West. Kim absolutely loved this new beauty as a sign of their engagement together.

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