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Jennifer Lawrence stamped hacked photos as Sex Crime

Before giving interview to ‘Vanity Fair’, the 24 year old American actress never spoke or address about her leaked hacked photos. Academy Award winner actress called the theft and publication a ‘sex crime’ and sexual violation. A massive hack attack was seen in August, in which more than dozen pics of Jennifer Lawrence were initially stolen and later leaked online and mostly undressed. She told ‘Vanity Fair’ that it is not a scandal but it is disgusting and should be called a sex crime.

Jennifer Lawrence Leaked Photos

The Silver Lining Playbook actress further explained that law needs to be changed and nobody can be sexually violated this way or the other. While giving interview to ‘Vanity Fair’, there seems clear sense of anger and fear in her speech. Reportedly, her selfie’s and other photos were stolen fron her Apple iCloud account along woth many other female actresses including but not limited to Ariana Granade and Kate Upton.

Jennifer Lawrence told VF that she was completely afraid and she than doesn’t know how the consequences of hacked issue will unfold. Vanity Fair’s November issue will see Jennifer Lawrence on the cover of it and you can have complete story of her on the digital edition of Vanity Fair as well. She stamped hacked photos scandal as sex crime and told VF that “Just because I’m a public figure, just because I’m an actress, does not mean that I asked for this”.

Jennifer Lawrence was considered as one of the hottest actress of Hollywood. She attained very high famed and respectable position among her followers. Her successful films include Winter’s Bone, Silver Linings Playbook, Hunger Games series and American Hustle. She won Academy Award for best actress for her film Silver Lining’s Playbook. From the reason that she is a huge public figure, one can not simply called it as publicity stint of her to attract fame.

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