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iPhone X vs. Pixel 2 vs. Galaxy S9: Which has the best Camera?

If you are looking for some best flagship smartphone in the market then the top three in the list are Google Pixel 2, i Phone X and Samsung Galaxy S9. Which one is the best smartphone available in the market? Though, the decision is the tough one.

Here we make the comparison on basis of the camera performances of these smart phones. Before the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9, the best phones in terms of camera were Google Pixel 2 and Apple iPhone X. From a few months Google Pixel 2 made its distinction with the better scoring DxOmark camera phone as compared to the iPhone X.

samsung galaxy s9 camera

Samsung Galaxy S9 now changed the game and proved to be the highest scoring DxOMark camera phone ever. It is a test to measure the camera performance. And according to the results, Galaxy S9 scored 99 on DxOMark which is one point higher as compared to the Google Pixel 2 and 2 points higher from iPhone X. This mobile scored 91 DxO’s test in the video test stills department which is bit low. But still company can now claim that they made the best smartphone camera in the world.

Samsung Galaxy S9 has the best Camera

Samsung Galaxy S9 can take amazing pictures in the daylight and sunny environment. Its dynamic range is fantastic with the good amount of noise reduction. In low light situations your pictures may suffer. If we talk about the front cameras then it has the stronger autofocus and the best video production capabilities. So the one thing is for sure you can enjoy the latest features of Samsung galaxy S9 camera phone with its newest best technology in your hands.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is the smartphone without any flaw in the camera section. It gives you the best results in both still and video modes and provides consistently best pictures and the video image quality in all lighting mode and situations. It scores the highest DxOMark mobile score.

I will definitely go for Galaxy S9. What are your choices?

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