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Interesting facts about Pizza

Bigger size, better taste Pizza provides freshness and satisfaction to Pizza lovers when sauce and dough is made of freshest of ingredients. Pizza doesn’t have to be classified as Junk food. A healthy Pizza is a well-proportioned meal itself which contains proteins, fibre and more. Cheesy and delicious Pizza is a favourite food for most of us. A sweet fact is that Pizza is super customizable according to your taste and desire. You can have the topping of your own choice. You can even try healthy home-made pizza with whole wheat base, limited amount of cheese and vegetable topping you want to top on it. Here, we are presenting some interesting facts about Pizza.

Interesting facts about Pizza      

  1. Domino’s Pizza is the most successful pizza delivery company in the world.
  2. In 2013 over $4.5 billion worth of cheese is estimated to have found as a topping on a pizza.
  3. More than 5.5 Billion Pizza sold worldwide annually.
  4. In America alone, more than 94% of the population eats Pizza and more than 3 Billion Pizza sold annually (plus one billion frozen pizzas). Pepperoni is the most interesting Pizza topping in America.
  5. A typical adult may consume more than 600 calories of Pizza in one sitting and it provides more than 25% of day’s energy.
  6. Statistics shows that women tend to be better slice dippers than men.
  7. 36% of Americans prefers to eat Pizza in breakfast. Would you prefer Pizza as breakfast?
  8. October is the National Pizza month in the USA. Think of celebrating it worldwide?
  9. Women are most likely to order vegetable topping on their Pizza than men.
  10. First ever Pizzerias was opened in Naples, Italy.

With a growing restaurant network, there are many Pizza companies you can choose which never compromise on taste and quality. You can simply and safely add Pizza to your meal at least twice a month.

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