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Highest Grossing Hollywood Films of All Time

The popularity of Hollywood films across the globe is not a new thing. To facilitate in picking the right choice for you, we have enlisted highest grossing Hollywood films of all time in one bucket. While, you might be familiar with most of these, we have tried to incorporate every detail you want. James Cameron’s science fiction film Avatar leads our highest grossing films by a huge margin. The film released in 2009 and eventually grossed $2.788 Billion. Leonardo DiCaprio starrer 1997 romantic film Titanic grossed $2,186.8 Million worldwide while Disney’s Marvel’s Avengers is third on the list with business of $1,518.6 Million. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part ll, third episode of The Lord of the Rings, Skyfall, Toy Story 3, The Dark Knight Rises and Hobbits, Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean also makes the cut among couple others. We have included the films which grossed more than $1 Billion worldwide and are enlisted below.

Highest Grossing Hollywood Films of All Time

Film Studio Release year Worldwide Gross
Avatar Fox 2009 $ 2,788.0 Million
Titanic Paramount 1997 $ 2,186.8 Million
The Avengers Disney 2012 $ 1,518.6 Million
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Warner Bros 2011 $ 1,341.5 Million
Frozen Disney 2013 $ 1,274.2 Million
Iron Man 3 Disney 2013 $ 1,215.4 Million
Transformers: Dark of the Moon Paramount 2011 $ 1,123.8 Million
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Warner Bros 2003 $ 1,119.9 Million
Skyfall Sony 2012 $ 1,108.6 Million
Transformers: Age of Extinction Paramount 2014 $ 1,087.3 Million
The Dark Knight Rises Warner Bros 2012 $ 1,084.4 Million
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest Walt Disney Pictures 2006 $ 1,066.2 Million
Toy Story 3 Walt Disney 2010 $ 1,063.2 Million
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Walt Disney Pictures 2011 $ 1,045.7 Million
Jurassic Park Universal Pictures 1993 $ 1,029.2 Million
Star Wars: Episode l – The Phantom Menace Fox 1999 $ 1,027.0 Million
Alice in Wonderland Walt Disney 2010 $ 1,025.5 Million
The Hobbit: An unexpected Journey Warner Bros 2012 $ 1,017.0 Million
The Dark Knight Warner Bros 2008 $ 1,004.6 Million

Frozen and Toy Story 3 are the animated films that makes the cut to our $1 Billion club. Warner Bros and Disney are the leading Studios. December release The Hobbits: The Battle of Five Armies is expected to be in the list very soon.

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