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Gautam Gulati Hot Photos, Movies and Bigg Boss 8

Our charming Gautam Gulati is an Indian TV actor who was born on 27 November, 1984 in Delhi, India. The super TV star is currently seen in reality show Bigg Boss 8 and is considered as one of the favourite contenders to win Bigg Boss Season 8. His acting debut came in the Ekta kapoor’s TV show ‘Kasam Se’ while he is also featured in the film Darpok. His acting in drama serial Diya Aur Bati Hum is critically appraised. That is the main reason, he is in Bigg Boss and doing fantastic job to win it. Latest news about Gautam is that he is signed for movie M.S. Dhoni in which he will be seen playing role of cricketer Zaheer Khan.

Gautam Gulati hot photos

Gautam Gulati Bigg Boss 8

Gautam Gulati is favourite to win Bigg Boss 8 due to many reasons. He has exceptional flirting skills, he is charming and real life romantic as well. He was seen flirting with fellow contestant Diandra Soares and Sonali. His in-house romantic mate Diandra Soares said in an interview after got eliminated, ‘Gautam and I had a flirtationship (flirty relationship), it’s a little more than a friendship and a little less than a relationship’. Aayush Sharma who is married to Salmana Khan’s sister Arpita is a close friend of Gautam Gulati. So, it is very possible that his stunt in the Big house is made possible by Salman Khan. However, he is performing really well in the house which in turn raised the TRP’s of the show.


Gautam Gulati gained immense popularity through his acting as Vikram in drama ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’. To be a part of Bigg Boss show, he quit in that drama. After Bigg Boss 8 finale, he will be seen shooting in movie M.S Dhoni’s alongside Fawad Khan. Gautam will be seen acting as Zaheer Khan while Fawad Khan will play the role of stylish Indian batsman Virat kohli. Gautam’s international short movie ‘Coward’ screened in Cannes Film Festival. It is learned that he also signed another Bollywood movie ‘Fradiye’.

Gautam Gulati Hot Photos

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