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Game of Thrones Female Star Maisie Williams Important Role & Photos

“A song of Ice and fire” is a bestselling novel of all times, written by George R.R. Martin. Later in 2010, a series was made on the story of the novel and it was named as “Game of Thrones”. In the series, 9 noble families are fighting to control the legendary lands of Westeros, while an elapsed race returns after being quiescent for 100s of centuries. And with no time, this HBO television series marked its huge success footsteps that nobody could follow till the date. Over 10 million people are the regular viewers of the show and HBO is earning billions and trillions of dollars with GOT.

Game of thrones stars are favorite of everyone because of the role and off course because of the beauty. Here we are going to talk about Maisie Williams aka ARYA STARK, one of the most important and cutest but bad-ass Game of thrones character.

Maisie Williams Photos
Jemal Countess / Getty Images

Arya Stark is a 3rd child and a badass tom boy kid of Ned Stark (Sean Bean). Maisie Williams is performing a role with 4 of her siblings, older brother Robb, two younger brothers Rickon and Bran and an elder sister Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner). As in the role, Arya loves being out and wants to fight and explore the land. She had great fighting skills and has sword she called needle and loved he so much. This sword aka needle helped her throughout her journey. Maisie has a list of people she wants to kill because these people wronged her family. ‘The journey’ in which Arya is, is somewhat the pretty horrific one as what the viewers say. But Arya is the best match in fact more than match for her enemies.

Maisie Williams Photos
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Despite being a little girl, Maisie is performing the role of most high-volume fighters among all and she is so perfect in her role. She is performing this role since 7 years from season 1 to season 7, which is in television these days. As we stated earlier, Game of thrones is a book based television series, and most of the characters have read the book to understand the character completely about what will happen to them in future episodes but when it comes to Maisie, she stated that she is not a book person plus she didn’t want to read the books related to her character because this might confuse her with her character as Arya Stark because the book material would maybe different from the television version and she wouldn’t be able to take the change and her thoughts would be collapsed.

Maisie Williams Photos

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