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Celebrity style Smokey Eye look

Celebrities are known for their subtle glamour. Smokey eyes are considered to be the curtains that open the eyes windows to the soul. Perfectly drawn Smokey eyes holds special appeal and lures attention to the highly expressive part of your face. Today, we are going to discuss how to get celebrity style nude Smokey eyes. For this purpose we are opted for Kate Upton’s perfect nude eye look. All the women will totally love it. Rather than usual black color, you can change the Smokey eye style by choosing brown or grey. Try your hands on to this version of Smokey eyes as it is more sultry.

Smokey Nude Eye Makeup

Smokey Nude Eye Palette: From the Smokey Eye Palette, choose grey color and press it onto the eyelid. After its application, blend the edges with brush. You can see that palette has a range between nude to dark colors. You can also choose the shade according to your mood or occasion. This process will create depth and outline.

Eye Liner: To line the eyelids, better choose darker colors like black and brown from your eye palette to add Smokey effect. However, you can choose from other dark color’s eye liner as well. Apply the chosen color along the upper and bottom lids. While lining the eyelids, aim for the lash line for perfect application.

Mascara Application: By application of Smokey eye mascara, your desired look is complete. Mascara plays a vital part in makeup and its importance can’t be denied. Carefully apply lashing of Mascara for desired or wanted look. Wriggle the brush from the base to the top of eyelashes for stunning, nude and beautiful look.

Shimmer: Apply light color of eye shade on inner lid line before packing on shimmer to compliment Smokey nude eye shadow look.

We hope that you like celebrity style smokey eye look tips. If you have any new ideas that pen it down here.

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