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Budget Friendly Cooking Tips

Eat well and save money is the need of today. Eating healthfully doesn’t have to put a dent in your weekly budget. Our budget-friendly cooking techniques and grocery shopping tips will help you find affordable ways to make nutritious meals without even breaking your bank.

Cut costs at the grocery store

    1. Make a meal planner before you go shopping. It will not prevent you from spending money on things you don’t need but will also get you out of the store faster.
    2. Don’t forget to take advantage of sales. Before you go shopping, be updated about latest sales on items of your utmost needs. However, don’t tempt to buy any food item that your family won’t eat. Even if you are tempted by rock-bottom prices, these products will be of no bargain if nobody likes them.
    3. Always try to buy food items in bulk. This way you will be able to save nice chunk of money.

Best Cooking Tips

Cost-saving cooking techniques

Revise your budget and save your pockets as everyone loves food that goes easy on your pocket. Try to make budget friendly family authentic meals, which are healthy and great to taste. So eat healthy and spend less with budget cooking.

  1. Serving proper (normal) portion sizes for each person not only helps control the food budget but also helps to control blood sugar.
  2. Wherever possible, substitute expensive ingredients for less-expensive ones to save the cost of a recipe.
  3. Better serve healthful and inexpensive side dishes like from variety of salads, vegetables and baked beans. It will stretch your main-dish serving even further.
  4. Cook once, eat twice. Recipes that freeze well are great ones to double. The leftovers are great in soups or salads.

At home, you can easily make Chocolate brownies, Chicken Jalfrezi, Sweet Potato Crisps, Tomato Ketchup, Homemade Mayonnaise, Chicken Chunks, Apple Cabbage Salad, Palak Paneer, Apple Pie etc and minimize your outside costs on similar food items.

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