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Some of the Best Kept Celebrity Secrets to Steal

These television celebs aren’t fountains of wisdom and knowledge about everything. But they are definitely loaded with lots of tips when it comes to skin care, beauty, makeup and getting prettier. Though, they aren’t always right on everything they say. But in beauty terms, we feel like listening and believing because there is some truth in it that also makes them appear this gorgeous on and off the screen. Let’s have a look at the gorgeous beauty tips from these gorgeous ladies.

Best Celebrity Secrets to Steal

Emma Stone

Emma Stone stated that she is allergic to everything and this is not a curse but this made her focus on natural stuff instead of store-bought products with lots of chemicals. She moisturize her skin with olive oil before applying makeup and after shower as this works best for her skin.

Charlize Theron

Charlize thinks that our skin gets use to of same skin care routines and same products, so she prefers to change the skin care routines often to have clear looking smooth skin.

Charlize Theron

Kate Moss

Kate Moss loves the thick and false lash look but she doesn’t like to wear false lashes all the time. So she revealed that the secret behind her dramatic lashes is she curls her lashes again and again and applies lots and lots of mascara again and again.

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler revealed a really amazing and incredible beauty secret years ago and her tip is being used and still using by lots of celebs even. She stated that after apply foundation on your face apply some translucent or glowing powder with little brush and then mist your skin with rosewater spray and lay a tissue paper over it for a sec. this will make your skin look flawlessly gorgeous and create an effect that you aren’t wearing any makeup and this is all natural.

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes revealed the secret behind her gorgeous hair as she stated that she loves to condition her hair overnight as this will result in gorgeous hair. Just apply the conditioner all over your hair, wear a shower cap and sleep. Wash the hair in morning and there you have it.

Miranda Kerr

Lost your eye lash curler or doesn’t have it? No problem, be like Miranda and use a spoon instead of a curler. Warm the spoon in hot water and press your lashes against the spoon and apply some mascara. This sounds weird but try at least, because this works.

Zoe Saldana

Instead of buying fancy and expensive cleansing accessories Zoe has to buy small white towels in a bulk that involves her wash your face techniques.

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad applies lots of makeup and uses lots of beauty products but we can take her advice about hair. She said do not blow dry your hair in the bathroom after taking a shower because humidity in the bathroom will make your hair frizzier.

Halle Berry

Wiping your lipstick off sounds irritated but that what the beauty tip about. Halle Berry always have flushed and pinkie looking lips that too without lots of products on her lips. What she do is, applies red lipstick and wipes it off with the tissue paper and applies clear gloss on her lips to have fuller looking pink lips.

Taylor Swift

Taylor swift already has a curly hair naturally but she still uses curling iron, why? She says that every morning hair looks like a mess so she had to roll them on the curling iron to keep her natural curls in check and gorgeous looking hair.

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