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Best Dressed from the Pre-Oscar Parties over the weekend – Oscars 2017

Oscars are just around the corner and as we countdown the hours to the actual show, we have got celebrities from all around the world attending different pre-Oscar parties and we are loving the energy! 

Every star is equally excited for the big show, even if they were not nominated. So there were many start studded and flooded parties with our favorite celebrities in their best attire to show off before the big day. This weekend was great for fashion department and we are here to tell you about our favorite looks!
Here is the list of the best dressed over the weekend:

1) Meryl Steep

It’s been said before that she ages like a fine wine but she keeps on proving it at every single event! The casual printed dress she wore with those glasses of her gave her a very nice and simple look before the big night of Oscars.

2) Emma Stone

The girl is probably enjoying her career at this time as she is a named winner at every single event! The La La Land star attended the Women in Film Oscar party in a cute outfit. She had on dark green colored shirt and trousers with a very bright red lipstick to go with!

3) Jamie King

The mother of two wore a black and white polka dress in a very complicated but beautiful manner. Red lipstick and black high heels! Her 70s retro hair did make her look like a vintage model.

4) Deepika Padukone

The second in line after Priyanka Chopra, this Bollywood actress is enjoying her A list Hollywood status while attending these big ass parties. She was in attendance at two parties over the weekend. At Chanel and Charles pre Oscar party she went all colorful and mesmerizing. While at the Women in film pre oscar party, she kept it simple as she wore a black long dress with her long hair straight off her shoulder.

5) Abigail Spencer

The star looked prettier than ever in a black and white dress. She had a camel colored coat on one of her shoulder. We liked the style! Short hair and light make up made her look exquisite.

6) Chrissy Metz

The “This is Us” star wore a black dress at the night before the Academy awards when she attended the Cadillac party in Los Angeles.

7) Nicole Kidman

The star attended the Chanel and Charles Finch’s pre oscar party and looked dope in a dirty white dress with high heels and a beautiful clutch.

8) Hailee Steinfeld

The member of the T- Squad was also seen in attendance as she wore a sexy black leather pants with a white top. She had a black jacket to complete the look and her hair pulled back gave her the edge needed with the beautiful red lipstick.

9) Kristen Stewart

The Twilight star wore black sheer laced dress with a simple black top. But her simplicity won the deal and she looked bomber!
There were many other celebrities in many other dresses but these stars were our favorite! Let us know what you think was the best attire for the Pre Oscar parties!

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