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Beauty and Health Benefits of Rose Petals

There are many beauty and health benefits that a typical rose holds. One’s affinity towards roses is not a surprise as Roses can not only brighten their mood but also holds many useful health benefits that can multiply your beauty as well. Rose petals have many aesthetic benefits for beauty and health. Rose water is a by-product and can be used in cooking, medicine, skincare and even cosmetics. Extracts of rose petals are useful in making of rose syrup and rose drinks. Rose petals hold anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, makes it quite a useful part in our lives.

Health Benefits of Rose Petals

Beauty Benefits

Rose water is natural cleanser. Spraying rose water twice a day wipes away any dirt from your face and refreshes it. You can also dip cotton ball in rose water and use it to wipe your face. For glowing skin, use few drops of rosewater in bath water. Rosewater contains anti-bacterial properties and not only prevents acne, dark circles and spots on your face but also tightens pores and smoothen your skin. Rose water also helps in getting hair firmness and hair growth.

It is recommended to use rosewater for instant glowing, to moisturize your dry skin and for host of other beauty benefits. Because of elegant aroma of rose petals, it is used in many beauty products. Besides rose tea, it can also be used in dressings in salads as well.

Health Benefits

Besides beauty benefits, roses and its associates are pretty useful in healthcare. Fragrance of roses calms your mind and you can feel relaxed. Drinking rose water tea twice a day helps fighting depression and headache. The tea also cleanses harmful toxins from your body and is effective in calming sore throat and flu.

Rose petals are used to be a health tonic and used in the treatment of high blood pressure, cough temperature and stress release. In fact, host of beauty and health benefits of Rose Petals are gift for us and we should take maximum advantage from it.

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