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Avoid 5 Dangerous Acts After Meal

Avoid 5 dangerous acts after meal.

We often heard that ‘Health is wealth’. It donates a person’s mental or physical stability and condition. Many conditions can affect your health including high level of stress, eating disorder and dangerous acts you do just after taking meal. It is imperative to eliminate these harmful conditions to fully activate your wellness and health level.

Don’t smoke – Don’t smoke directly or shortly after taking your meal. Experiments from health specialists show that there are higher chances of having cancer disease if you smoke a cigarette after meal.

dangerous acts after meal

Don’t eat fruits instantly – Studies suggest that eating fruits right after taking meal will affect your stomach to function properly. Therefore, it is recommended to eat fruits at least half an hour after eating your meal. You can take fruits in the morning empty stomach.

Don’t drink tea after meal – Avoid drinking tea immediately after taking your meal. Acid contents of tea leaves can cause hardened protein content contained in the food thus it might be difficult to digest your food properly. Hence, it is suggested to take tea at least half an hour after meal.

Don’t Bath – It is dangerous to take shower after eating your meal. Blood flow level to hands, legs and body will increase causing decrease in blood flow level around stomach thus leaving the digestive system of body’s stomach weaken. Also don’t you sleep just after having your meal as food intake will not be digest properly in this case.

Don’t loosen your belt – This point might be completely new for you but it’s very important to share with you that loosen your belt while having meal causes the intestines to twist or even blocked.

We do hope that you will avoid above described dangerous habits immediately after taking meal. Feel free to comment, suggest or add any point or opinion of yours.

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