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Amazing Hair Straightening Tips

Long and properly aligned hairs are often used to gauge any women’s personality. Everyone wants to have straight, shiny, strong and smooth hairs. Straight strands hairs are in fashion trend now a days. We have simple, inexpensive and amazing hair straightening tips for you that can change your life altogether. These tips will guide you in succeeding to have straight hairs without having split ends, curled or damaging it.


Application of hair conditioner is one of the simplest methods to straight your hair for a long lasting day. A wide range of hair conditioners are available in the market. If applied properly by thoroughly massaging your hair, it can keep your hair straight and smooth. This way, you can also make the style you like the most by combing accordingly.


The fastest way to straighten up your hair is by using straightening iron. Choose the right flat iron that will suit your length of hair. Move the flat iron in a steady motion and evenly without breaking your ironing pace. However, it will last only up to next time you wash your hair. After that, you must have to repeat the ironing process to keep your hair straight.
Important: If you found straightening iron too expensive for your budget, try substitute it with hair dryer.


There exist many high profile brands of hair straightening creams and brushes in the market. Right hair brush is an essential tool in hair straightening. After applying hair cream, all you need is to comb your hair from their root to their ends. This is also simple and easy method to straight your hair without damaging or effecting it.


  • Make sure that your hair is well trimmed, properly conditioned and nourished before you take the hair straightening iron to it. Just remember to eliminate the split ends by trimming before straightening your hair with iron. It is true that you need the heat to straight your hair, but avoid too much heat to limit the damage to zero.
  • DO NOT straighten your damp hair. Straighten your hair only when it is entirely dry. It is proven fact that damp hair is easier to break then dry hair and will curl again when it dries out.
  • Always keep your hair straitening tools (specially flat iron) neat and clean. Use warm and damp cloth or special iron cleaners to remove any residue left from the product.


Lemon juice and coconut oil when mixed together will work as a creamy conditioner and help straightening your hair naturally. Just apply the produced cream to your hair and wash your hair with lukewarm water after 3-4 minutes. For better results, repeat this home remedy at least twice a week for hair straightening. Olive oil and Castor oil can also be used in straitening the hair, naturally. Hope you like hair straightening tips.

hair straightening tips

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