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Amal Clooney nailing the pregnancy game with this look

The soon to be mom, Amal Clooney is probably having a hard pregnancy as she is carrying twins inside her. But she is doing the best job to not let her inner struggles out as she steps out in some of the best celebrity outfits that could be worn during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a very hard time for most of the celebrities as it means changing your entire wardrobe and making sure the dress is showing curves enough to look good and not too much to look bad. Amal Clooney nails one outfit and after another!

The soon to be the mom was seen dressed tip and top when she arrived at the United Nations meeting on March 10th. The human rights lawyer wore a navy blue dress that showed off her bump and hugged her belly in the most adorable of ways. She had a small rosette where her neckline ended. Her open hair was a good combination with the formal event. She had with her high heels and a woven burgundy bag. This means we can definitely say the wife of George Clooney looked bomber in her attire.

 Amal Clooney nailing the pregnancy game

amal clooney twins pic

This was not the first time that Amal Clooney was an example and epitome of sophistication as she walked in and out from one formal meeting to another. Mrs. Clooney has gone all over the board while changing her wardrobe for the next few months. She is looking completely stunning and every dress looks marvelous around her body.

Let us know what you think about this look. Also, have you been enjoying all the attires she has been stepping out in lately? Stay tuned for more.

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