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6 Tips to Prevent Spots

Every girl wants her face to appear glowing, healthy and acne free. Spots either red or brown can appear within no time and ruin any important party or event. Red spots mostly occur during periods, puberty or due to acne. Forgetting to remove makeup at night, drinking less water or squeezing the pimples are few reasons which may clog the pores of skin and create spots on your face. For glowing and clear skin free of spots, we are going to demonstrate you some very useful tips.

Tips to prevent spots and acne

Drink adequate water
Staying hydrated helps you in maintaining glowing and clear skin. Drinking adequate water (8-10 glasses per day) will replenish your lost energy of the day’s work. Drinking less water will cause spots on your skin, so drink enough water for fresher and vibrant skin.

Keep your face clean
Wash your face at least twice daily to remove impurities, oil and dead skin cells. Before washing your face, simply wash your hands first to prevent horrid breakouts. Wash your face with mild warm water for opening up pores. Use face wash which is suited to your skin. It helps opening up the pores and in removing dirt.

Eat Fruits & vegetables and avoid oily food
Fruits and vegetables help your body fighting spots and at the same time give your skin more even and glowing look. Carrots and spinach helps in preventing acne causing oils. Vitamin C enriched fruits like Lemon and Orange give your skin glowing and clear look. Green vegetables help in purifying and cleansing your blood. Oily foods are not good for your health. It causes red spots on your skin and thus should be avoided at all ages.

Use Good Quality Makeup Brands & never go to sleep with makeup on
Only use good quality makeup products to wear on your face. Poor quality makeup brands leads to spots and blemishes on your skin. Remove your makeup before going to bed at night. Leaving your face having makeup on will clog the pores and lead to spot creation on your face.

Watch what you put on your hair
For enviable skin, avoid using fragrances, mousses, sprays and oils on your hair. They can clog your skin pores, irritate your skin and can create spots. How you treat your hairs can have an impact on your skin specially forehead. Oily hair can add oil to your face, so wash your hair at least once a day and if you got long hair, try to keep it away from your face. Always use a gentle shampoo and conditioner.

Do Proper Cleansing & Scrubbing
Proper cleansing is very important for your skin. Regular cleansing clears the skin and avoids spots and blemishes. Scrubbing is also good for your skin and gives healthy skin free of any spots or acne.

Application of honey and lemon juice mixture to your face helps to reduce acne scars and clears out your pores naturally.

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