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Celebrities Matching Makeup and Dress

Monochromatic looks among girls is the new following trend that is growing large with time passing by. Celebrities matching makeup and dress in one color is quite famous these days. Matching eyebrows, lipstick, foundation and outfit is a step ahead of today’s fashion. You can follow either versatile Katy Perry or opted for all red Scarlett Johansson. These celebrities’ monochromatic looks will give you an idea to envisage what you are aiming for. Red, peach, purple and orange are all in to wear for the party or wedding ceremony.

celebs matching makeup and dress

Purple & Peach

Famous American singer Katy Perry looks stunning in sparkly purple and green dress. Her eyebrows reflect the same with purple and green color borders with lipstick and matching base that suits the look to perfection. On the other hand, gaze at Emma Stone’s peach makeup and outfit. Her matching creamy peach foundation, lipstick and outfit mirror her prettiness and magnetic attraction that she holds.

Peach makeup lipstick and dress

 Orange & Red

Orange is the new beauty and nobody can wear orange perfect than our very own Scarlett Johansson. You can wear orange makeup and dress at any evening or night party, wedding or festive.

Scarlett Johansson’s fashion told us that hair color didn’t matter to wear vibrant red but skin tone. Light foundation, non-shinny lipstick with outline, slightly Smokey eye look, eye liner and mascara are the makeup accessories along with red dress to look prominent and royal. However, you can opt for clear nail polish color.

scarlett johansson red dress lipstick

Maroon & Purple              

Actress Kristen Stewart and Selena Gomez appear perfect wearing purple and Maroon respectively. Singer Selena Gomez looks dashing in reddish purple gown with dark color matching lipstick, while Kristen Stewart looks fab in purple color ensemble.

kristen stewart selena gomez

We have seen plenty of hot celebrities wearing same color makeup and dress, however we found above mentioned celebrities that fit in our list.


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